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Our founder

“ Be sure to tell them, you have to have good skincare” -  Verdie Payton ( T’s paternal grandmother)

My Why

That quote was what my grandmother told me when I told her I was going to host my first make up class in her salon. A salon she started back in the 60’s after she and my farmer grandfather, dad, aunts and uncle migrated to Indianapolis from rural Mississippi. Hard work was and is still the way in our family. She started her salon in the basement of my childhood home.  Every Saturday morning, the sounds of water running, music, and laughter permeated our house. I remember the robust smell of pressing combs and Oil Sheen as soon as I hit the steps. I was a typical shop baby, hanging out in the shop and trying to be in grown folks business. Lol!  My first job was sweeping up hair, sanitizing combs, and refilling spray bottles with setting lotion. 

At 12 years old, as if it was my rite of passage, my grandmother treated me to a lavish facial at a spa for my birthday. She and my aunts were regulars at this spa so I was excited to get a service. But wow! That experience was one I’ll never forget. When I laid on the treatment table, the first thing Mai Lu, my esthetician, said was “Clean skin is happy skin!” Those words have been skin gospel to me ever since.  After the facial, my grandmother then purchased me an entire skin care system so I could maintain this wonderful glow my facial left me with. So then at middle school sleep overs, while my friends brought Noxzema, or nothing at all to cleanse their skin, there I was with a whole skin care bag with cleansers, serums, toners, moisturizers, etc. “What is all this stuff?!” My friends would ask. That’s when I became a skin care influencer! I walked them through and demo’d my entire regimen. They listened, and that gave me such confidence and I felt empowered. I didn’t know it at the time, but that period of my life would become the beginning of my career in the beauty business and the driving force behind my quest for great skin. Sharing and strengthening our community (especially girls and women) and the EO customer is what we strive to do. When our skin is thriving we have confidence. Everyone deserves to be confident in their appearance. When we are healthier inside and out, the world around us is healthier.

To this day, my grandmother is my go to for beauty advice. She planted the entrepreneurial seed, my mom watered me with a foundation of hard work and independence and you, the EO customer, is the sunshine that helps me grow everyday. That’s why.  

The Beginning

After years of struggling with a variety of skin issues and wanting to live a more holistic lifestyle I started researching. Then I changed my diet and turned to natural skin care. Ingredients are key for optimal results for both inside and out of the body.  My formulations come from an initial problem and end with a beautiful solution. To be able to share what I have found and  love with you is pure joy!


So, thank you for being my everyday inspiration, you are on my mind everyday.